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Interior Auto Detailing

Mobile Interior Car Detailing Kelowna

Whether a vehicle is used daily or once in a long while, its interior will eventually get dirty. You will agree that the interior of your vehicle gets dirty no matter how careful you are to protect it. Food will fall, beverages will spill, pets will pee, and shoes will always carry dust into your vehicle. That’s why we offer the interior car detailing Kelowna vehicle owners trust to keep their vehicles looking sparkling clean.

Regardless of the amount of dirt that has accumulated in your car carpet or upholstery, we will clean it. Our interior detailing service entails the removal of dirt to restore the elegant look of a vehicle. We get rid of smudges and grime from the vehicle to restore its showroom look.

​Benefits of Interior Car Detailing

Detailing the interior of your vehicle has many benefits. For instance, it prevents stench and mold. Odor and mold originate from dirty and moist conditions in vehicles. Dusting the carpets or wiping the interior might not prevent this. That’s because some parts of your car and crevices can be full of dirt and dust. This will continue building up and eventually, your vehicle will start producing an extremely awful stench. To prevent this, enlist our interior car detailing and deep cleaning service.

Our interior car detailing service can also increase the value of your vehicle. That’s because it can restore the look of the faded parts of your vehicle’s interior. This will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior, thereby making more buyers willing to spend more money on the vehicle.

Additionally, you can prevent interior components damage by enlisting our interior detailing service. If our crew notices parts of the interior that are likely to sustain damage, a protective treatment or coating will be applied. This will maintain the integrity of the interior of your car while extending its durability.

​Bring Your Vehicle for Interior Detailing Today!

Shine Protect in Kelowna BC has a team that is ready to detail and deep clean the interior of your vehicle.

Our interior detailing includes:

  • Cleaning and treating leather parts
  • Cleaning and treating glass
    Steam cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning and shampooing
  • Disinfecting and cleaning interior surfaces
  • Vacuuming interior components
  • Upholstery steam-cleaning and shampooing
  • UV protection application on vinyl and plastic parts

We use different methods to clean the interior of any vehicle depending on the budget, condition of the vehicle, type of the car, and the specific needs of our clients. Contact us now to request a free estimate or to set up your interior car detailing appointment!

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