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Auto Detailing Services Kelowna

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Professional Auto Detailing

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We are a family owned and operated business in Kelowna, B.C. Today, in our busy world we  saw the extreme need for a more convenient and quality service, than the less conventional car wash and detail shops. We go that extra mile and provide detailing work that exceeds expectations.


Stephen –
“Thanks for the fabuous detail you did on the car after we crossed Canada twice in salty winter weather. Restoring the finish made it feel like an Okanagan car again.

The Attention to the smallest things inside the vehicale restored that new car aura. Thanks for saving me a windshield claim with ICBC. The invisible stone chip repair is as good as you said it would be. It is also wife approved!

Definately recommend your work.”

Don –

“I purchased my 2016 BLACK Nissan Titan and inside the first week my wife had a dog run up to the truck and jump up on the drivers door! Paw and Claw scratches on a brand new BLACK truck! Ruined for life was my first thought. I took my truck to Chris and thought let’s see what he can do. I did not expect that I would return to find that not only are the scratches gone, but i could see my reflection in the paint! Not just on my driver door, literally the entire truck. To say i was impressed , happy speechless is an understatement! I cannot say enough about Shine Protect and Chris! First Class from start to finish and the RESULTS! Second to none, Thank you Chris for restoring my truck to better than new inside and out 5 Stars.”



Joanne –

“Great service and great prices. Highly recommended. Fantastic job cleaning the interior of truck that was gross and had tons of dog hair from the previous owner. Appointment was easy to make and confirmed, even came to our house for a quote in person. Work and equipment were highly professional and we were very impressed with the results.”

Travel Agent –

Amazing company. This is just the best business idea ever, i hate the hassle of leaving my car somewhere and being without it for a day or two. Fantastic job, all without leaving my house.

Kelowna Auto Detailing Services

Our guarantee, if we missed anything, we will return and correct it!

Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country


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