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Car Polishing Services Kelowna


Your Kelowna Polishing Experts

Do you need the car polishing Kelowna vehicle owners and drivers have relied on for years? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Many people don’t know what car polishing is. Well, there are two major types of car polishing. These are compounding or cut polishing and finish polishing. Each of these types of polishing serves different purposes. However, they have similarities.

At Shine Protect we do it all, we polish:

  • Metal
  • Paint
  • Trim and rims
  • Tall lights and headlights

Compounding or Cut Polishing

Cut polishing or compounding refers to paint or a clear coat correction technique. The purpose of a clear coat is to protect the paintwork. However, it becomes oxidized, scratched, dull, and faded after some time.

If these imperfections are shallow, they are embedded in the vehicle’s clear coat. But, if they are deeper, they can be in the paint layer. A compounding spray or paste that contains microscopic abrasives is applied to the surface of a vehicle and polished using a rotary polisher. This removes oxidation, fine scratches, and hazing. Our crew performs this task before applying a ceramic coating. That way, a glossy, flawless finish is easily achieved.

​Finish Polishing

We also offer finish polishing. This refers to the application of the final polish after paint correction. We use professional products to remove micro-scratches, minute imperfections, and swirl marks. The last step entails the application of finish polish. And, the result of our work is a highly reflective, clean, deep, glossy finish.

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