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Detailing Services

"custom design your detailing package, that suits your budget"


Interior Detail

Vacuum, Vinyl Plastic & Trim Cleaned & Dressed, Clean & Dress Dash & Centre Console, Interior Deodorised, Windows, Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned, Floor Mats Washed, Leather Condition, Cup Holders, Buttons Knobs Gauges & Vents Cleaned, Carpet & Upholstered Seats Steam Cleaned.

Starting from $149


Exterior Detail

Hand Wash & Hand Dry, Wax, Tires & Wheels Cleaned & Shined, Carnauba Wax, Paint Protection, Engine Bay, High Gloss Paint Finish, Clay & Decontaminate Paint, Power Polishing & Rejuvenated Paint, Coat of Butter Wax.

Starting from $59


Complete Detailing Packages

Exterior – Hand Wash & Dry, Tires & Wheels Cleaned & Shined, Engine Bay.

Interior – Vacuum, Vinyl Plastic & Trim, Dash, Centre Console, Clean & Dressed, Windows, Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned, Floor Mats Washed, Protect Leather, Buttons Knobs Gauges & Vents Cleaned, Carpets, Seats & Upholstery Steam Cleaned.

Starting from $289


Special Cleaning Services

Pet Soil

Hair Removal & Steam Sterilisation & Disinfectant

Starting from $59

LiL Peeps Soil

Goo Clean, Steam Sterilisation & Disinfectant

Starting from $59

Body Fluids, Mould, Persisting Odours

Steam Sterilisation, Disinfectant, Ozone Blasting

Starting from $359

mobile Car-polishing-kelowna

Polish Package

Full Vehicle Polish, Scratch & Swirl Removal, Clay Bar Contaminant Removal, Wax

Starting from $359