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Exterior Auto Detailing

Kelowna Mobile Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Whenever you drive your vehicle, you expose its exterior services to environmental and physical damage. Acid rain, hard water, gravel rocks, bird droppings, and UV oxidation are some of the things that can damage the paintwork and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. That’s why you may need the exterior auto detailing Kelowna vehicle owners and drivers have used for years. With proper exterior detailing, you can avert the damage that these elements can cause to the surfaces of your vehicle. You can also prevent the fading of the glamorous shine of the surface of your vehicle with a proper detail.

Shine Protect offers professional exterior auto detailing that is completely different and more comprehensive from the regular car wash. Shine Protect’s detailing service involves removing contaminants that have collected on the surface of your vehicle. We accomplish with with special cleaners and mechanical tools to polish the various surfaces, and application of a protective layer. This ensures that the shine of your vehicle is maintained and potential damage prevented.

Mobile Exterior Auto Detailing that Makes Your Vehicle Shine 

The goal of detailing the exterior of a vehicle is to reverse or prevent damage to the vehicles paintwork. The minerals in hard water, as well as road gravel, and dirt can degrade the clear coat of your vehicle. This can expose the paintwork of your vehicle to damage by other environmental elements. Eventually, the paintwork will oxidize or dull up and lose its shine. Our professional exterior auto damage repair & paint polishing specialists can reverse or prevent this from happening.

What’s more, enlisting our exterior auto detailing service can increase or maintain the resale value of your automobile. That’s because we remove the sustained damage on the paint, thereby making the vehicle more appealing to buyers. What’s more, regular exterior washing and detailing enables a vehicle to retain the resale value by keeping all parts in their optimal conditions.

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