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Boat Detailing Kelowna



Kelowna Mobile Boat Detailing Services

After being in the lake or the ocean for some time, your boat can develop a layer of surface grime. This can ruin the look of your boat and even damage its surface. Luckily, you can use the best boat detailing service in Kelowna to remove this grime and restore the amazing look of your automobile. Whether you have a yacht that needs polishing or a Ski Boat or speed boat that requires cleaning, we can help you.
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We clean both the exterior of boats and perform interior detailing too. No matter how big or small your boat is, our detailing service will cater to your needs. We perform comprehensive detailing for the interior and exterior of different types of boats.

If you have purchased a secondhand or used boat, we can give it a brand new look once you enlist our service. Our crew combines interior vacuuming and exterior polishing to transform the looks of the boats of our clients. And, we pay close attention to even the smallest details. Trust us to transform the look of your yacht or boat and make you proud of it as you sail away to the high seas and lakes.

​Why Use Our Boat Detailing Service?

The major reason to enlist our boat detailing service is to protect it against damage by salt deposits, water, sun, and other elements. Boats are used in environments that can be considered harsh. As such, ensuring optimal protection of your boat will enhance its durability. It’s crucial to protect both the exterior and interior of your boat. Our boat detailing service encompasses even the fabrics.

What’s more, boat detailing can also enhance its operational convenience. When you enlist our service, we clean all parts to ensure that they always run smoothly. This is very important because it enables you to avoid sudden operational inconveniences. Professional and regular detailing of your boat can prevent its break down in the middle of the lake or when sailing with friends or family.

Comprehensive Exterior Boat Detailing Services

The exterior of your boat requires professional auto detailing. Essentially, detailing the exterior of a boat is not something that can be done by just anybody. Our crew has been trained and acquired vast experience in detailing the interior and exterior of boats.

Our exterior boat detailing includes:

​Excellent Interior Boat Detailing Services

We perform comprehensive detailing on the interior of all types of boats.

This includes:

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