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Trailer Detailing Services Kelowna


Improve your Image with a Professionally Detailed Trailer​

Trailer detailing is different from any other form of auto detailing. That’s because a trailer collects more grime, dirt, and grease. Dealing with grime on trailers is harder than on other vehicles. As such, skills and experience are required to do an excellent trailer detailing job. We offer the trailer detailing Kelowna drivers and businesses have trusted for years. Our trailer detailers find this job easier because they have been doing it for decades.

While trailer detailing may be a time-consuming job due to the dirt that these vehicles collect on the road, our crew will always deliver excellent results. The dirt and grime collected by your trailer might not be easy to wash off. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and properly equipped to detail your trailer.

We degrease, wash, and wax trailers that are heavily soiled to restore their brand-new look. We also detail every part of your trailer individually. That means our team won’t forget to detail any part of your trailer, including the roof.

​Addressing All Common Problems with Our Trailer Detailing Service

Detailing a trailer is a labor-intensive job. However, our crew is always ready to do it correctly and efficiently. We detail all problem areas that may have tainted the overall look of your trailer.

These include:

  • Dirt that may have been sitting in some parts of your trailer for a long time
  • Peelings from the clear coat or the paint of your trailer due to the harmful UV rays.
  • Metal oxidation or corrosion and rust. We use metal polish and proven techniques to fix such problems.
  • Trailer roof damaged by bird droppings, massive grime and dirt buildup, as well as, tree sap.

Our team has fixed these problems with our trailer detailing service. No matter how bad your trailer looks, we can improve its look. Contact Shine Protect Kelowna to request your free truck and trailer detailing estimate or to set up your appointment!

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